Wedding tricycle hire in Fife, Scotland Traditional tricycle bike for hire in Scotland selling Ice Cream at Weddings Tricycle Treats vintage Ice Cream bike for hire at weddings in Fife and Scotland
Tricycle bike hire for weddings selling ice cream

The fees below reflect our care and attention to detail, from the selection of specialised cones to the vintage decoration of both the bike, the table  and the attendant.

These extra touches reallly make this a specialised service!



Events with upto 100 guests – £395.00

Numbers that exceed 100 will have a slight ammendment to costings only.

Locations that lie ouwith 50 mile radius may incurr travelling costs.


There is no charge for attending other functions and events
as ice cream is sold directly to customers.


Discounted rates for bookings between October to April!

Contact us for more details.

Pricing dependant on venue.

Wedding gazebo hire by Tricycle Treats Bike Hire of Fife, Scotland

Weddings & Events Gazebo

A gazebo – 9m by 3m – as shown opposite can also be supplied at an extra cost of £60, decorated with balloons, bunting
and fully lit.

A smaller gazebo can also be supplied.